Government’s Report on What Was Done So far

The Reconstruction Agency of JapanĀ  published its report on what was done so far. The followings are the essential elements discussed there (translation is mine):

  • Number of evacuees: was 470,000, is 320,000 (159 in evacuation center, the rest in temporary housing)
  • Debris clearing and processing: 46% finished. 34 incinerators will be built to finish it by March, 2014.
  • Infrastructure: Electricity (96% recovered), City/town gas (86% recovered), Liquified Petroleum Gas (95%), Bank branches (85% reopened), Land line phone (99% recovered), Cell phone (99% recovered), Post office branches (91% reopened), Post delivery (100% recovered), Gas stands (all reopened except for 866 which are prohibited from reopening)
  • Construction of public housings: 27% of planned units (5600 out of 21,000 units) stated to be constructed. This number exclude Fukushima.
  • Relocation of towns/neighborhoods: Out of 229 towns/neighborhoods to which the special planning budget was distributed, plans for 188 towns/neighborhoods received the agreement from the Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation Ministry.
  • Farm lands: 38% recovered.
  • Fishing ports: 35% recovered.

PDF in Japanese is here. Its publication coincided with the budget announcement.