A Vacant House Turned into the Core of Reconstruction Activities

“Ayukawa no Ie (Ayukawa Launch Pad)” on Oshika Peninsula, Miyagi.
(C) ArchiAid

On Oshika Peninsula in Miyagi prefecture, the reconstruction activities by college students are still going strong.

A vacant house on Ayukawa-hama Beach was renovated by students of architecture from Kanagawa University. They designed the space and built it by themselves during the summer of 2012.

Since then, the house “Ayukawa-no Ie”  has been used as the center of reconstruction efforts by students from different parts of Japan. They stay there and work there: the house has a workshop, a meeting room, a office, a gallery, and a kitchen.

Masashi Sogabe of Kanagawa University described the project as follows in the ArchiAid Annual Report 2012:

Vacant building in Ayukawahama was renovated using recycled old materials and unwanted items into workspaces for meetings and the production of documents and models, as well as for exhibition spaces that can be opened to the local residents.
The renovation was done with the cooperation of the local residents, and by self-building by students of the laboratory. Through this project, while aiming to increase the levels of sharing and support of ArchiAid’s activities and openness towards the residents, it is hoped that the communication between the participants of ArchiAid and the residents will deepen.

Students at Ayukawa no Ie
Photo by Fumiya Sakai. (C) ArchiAid

References: For the original article and more images, go to ArchiAid Annual Report 2012, p.39. Also referred to was the article by Fumiya Sakai, an ArchiAid Intern, for the ArchiAid website (http://archiaid.org/reports/5829).