New Law to Countermeasure Nankai Trough Earthquake

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Act on Special Measures concerning Countermeasure against Nankai Trough Great Earthquake was enacted last November.

The Nankai Trough earthquake is the one that is often forcasted as the next big one. The Cabinet Office estimated that magunitude 9.0 would cause 320,000 death and 2.38 million buildings destroyed. The documentary by NHK presents you serious, if not fearful, numbers and  facts.(Click the image to start “Megaquake- Nankai Trough” by NHK.)

The law was made to prevent what happend in Tohoku. It is to drive the building of evacuation facilities and the relocations of houses and public facilities to the higher grounds. When a municipality is designated as the Area under Intensified Measures against Tsunami Disaster, it must make a project master plan that includes the set completion time for the construction and relocation.

References: Original act in Japanese is here. Related article in the Japan Times here.