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Craving a Tranquil Escape in Your Backyard? Turn it into a Healing Garden!

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or simply disconnected from nature? You’re not alone. But what if you could create a personal sanctuary right outside your door – a healing garden designed to bring peace and rejuvenation to your life? We, as specialists in healing spaces, help you get an idea of your healing garden. Thanks to technology, […]

“Water in Japanese Gardens” Talk at the Jay Heritage Center

"Water in Japanese Gardens" Talk at the Jay Heritage Center

PED’s Takaya Kurimoto gave a talk on “Water in Japanese Gardens” at the Jay Heritage Center for the annual meeting of the Japan Society of Fairfield County (JSFC). Water has been one of the most important elements of Japanese gardens. Even Japanese “dry” gardens have imaginary water. It is the catalyst for taking people to […]

What Inspires Us – Inside Outside

Young dancers rehearsing on the stage. Inside/Outside Theater at Jacob’s Pillow, MA Inspiration for: Inside/Outside Relationship, Being in Nature, Art and Landscape, Quietness

New Haven Rotary Club Invited PED for a Healing Garden Talk

It would be nice to become refleshed by just attending a lunch time talk, would it not? And that was what we saw at the New Haven Rotary Club when Takaya gave another talk on “Healing Gardens and Japanese Gardens: Their Curious Relationship” .  Although his talk is not the therapeutic session itself , but to […]

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