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Daimyo garden

Koraku-en is one of the most famous Japanese gardens, located in Okayama, Japan. A garden like this is called a daimyo (feudal lord) garden. In my understanding, the name “daimyo garden” does not refer to a style but a general term for the gardens that feudal lords in the Edo period (1603 – 1867) made […]

Imperfection in Japanese gardens

“The flow of the river never ceases, and the water never stays the same…” This is the opening phrase of Hojoki, a famous Japanese essay by Kamono Chomei in the 13 century. Almost all Japanese children learn this in their schools. I think that transience is something that many Japanese hold in their minds, which […]

Shishi-Odoshi as a garden element

Shishi-Odoshi in Japanese garden

Shishi-Odoshi, or scare-deer is a device to frighten deer away. It is a unique garden element that you can see in residential gardens in Japan now. As you see in the photo below, a bamboo tube is set like a seesaw. when the open cut side has water in, the bamboo tube flips. And then […]

Streets in Japan

I like walking lively shopping streets in Japan. Those streets look like toy boxes. Unexpected encounters wait for us. In October, I had a chance to walk on this kind of street in early morning. Then I noticed some points which many people do not pay attention to.

What Inspires Us – Art of Bamboo

We’d like to start introducing you what inspires us as designers. “The Gate” by Tanabe Chikuunsai IV, currently shown at Metropolitan Museum in New York, as a part of “Japanese Bamboo Art: The Abbey Collection” exhibition 「門」四代目田邊竹雲斎作 Inspiration for: Possibility of Material, Movement, Transparency Here is the Video showing how it is made on site.

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