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Space for Well-being: Chrysanthemum Show Opening Lecture at Smith College

Space for Well-being: Chrysanthemum Show Opening Lecture at Smith College

Yoko Kawai was invited to talk on “space for well-being” to open the Chrysanthemum Show at the Botanic Garden of Smith College. It was an honor and excitement to address the enthusiastic audience of 200 people! The Fall Mum Show has been the popular tradition at the Botanic Garden since the early 1900s. Yoko used […]

Are Online Meetings Noisy?


Imagine that you are working in the office trying to make a deadline. But your coworker starts on-line meeting with his computer next to your desk. His voice is loud for the mic to catch it. “Dumb it! He is so noisy!”. You must be irritated with this situation. Noise causes stress. Luckily, to mediate […]

Workplace Matters In Spite of Innovation

At the panel discussion event ” The Future of Innovation in the Workplace”, PED’s Yoko Kawai, on behalf of Mirai Work Space, had a pleasure to moderate the conversation. It was at Williams Club in New York on January 22nd, and we had a large and lively audience! The panelists represented cowork or cowork-like places in […]

Design and Posture – Secrets of Being a Little Happier

You are in the middle of the beautiful landscape. But instead of looking up, you look down to your phone and slouch. Sounds familiar? When you slouch, you not only look bad but also feel powerless and hopeless. The repetitive strain on the neck and cervical spine can develop the neuromuscular syndrome that involves depression […]

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